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Oracle of the Three Rings to be release at DCG CON 2018

Ninjas prepare for the ultimate freshness debuting at this year’s DCG CON! It’s the highly anticipated expansion for the Into the Echoside deckbuilding game entitled Oracle of the Three Rings! Brought to you by the original creators themselves: Jumpsteady, Louis Simpson, and Tom Wood! With 120 brand new cards, including Dark Carnival, Psychopathic, Underground, Flavor, Epic, Item, Fiend, and Juggalo cards as well as two new types of cards: Tarot cards (that introduce global effects) and Gambit cards that let you choose special abilities before the game even begins!

Also get schooled with the all new Fast and Mirror effects, which allow you to play even more cards outside of your turn, so you can attack and mess with your opponents in all new devious ways. As if that wasn’t enough, the expansion also includes 4 Karma Wheels to help you keep track of your Karma, 4 new reference cards, a rulebook, and 2 custom 12-sided dice!

Lastly, if you purchase the Oracle of the Three Rings expansion at this year’s DCG CON, May 11–13, 2018 (www.dcgcon.com), you will also receive “The Shaggy Show” promo card that you can only get at this year’s con! How’s that for wig flippin, back crackin, face slappin flavor!